The story of america Inc takes place in a future, 50 years from now, where corporations are elected to political office and enhanced corporate operatives known as Negotiators keep the status quo with extreme disregard for human life.

The middle class no longer exists. In it's place, a huge divide between the ruling corporate elite and the blue collar labor force. Turmoil is constant and it is only through the gift of Clarity, a cybernetic implant that enhances physical functions and provides unrivaled tactical awareness, that negotiators are able to maintain corporate advantage.



Several stories will take place within the confines of the America Inc world. The first is “Prelude: Theory of Mind”. A Sci-fi action adventure short film. This proof of concept film is currently in principal photography and will be packed with special effects, action, drama and unforeseen plot twists.

Plans for a feature film titled "America Inc - The Negotiators" and a serialized episodic TV series are currently in development alongside an America Inc comic book series.


Mass Awareness Project S.P.C. in association with Hyperbole Productions